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Leafield Marine

Leafield Marine A6 Pressure Relief Valve

Leafield Marine A6 Pressure Relief Valve

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The A6 Pressure Relief Valve is ideal for any use where compact and reliable valves are critical and are ideal for when applications are in hot or direct sunshine environments. The opening and closing pressures are accurately pre-set and repeatable.

To prevent contamination without affecting the pressure relief function. A filter cap is available for use in environments where contamination is possible for example river raft applications.

Available online in 5.5psi 4psi, 3.25psi, 2.5psi and 2psi however a range of pressure settings are available and details of these are on our main website. The valves are marked with the date and pressure setting. If other pressure settings or colours are of interest to you then please fill out an enquiry e mail and we will get back to you.

It is also available as a non-return valve only with a nominal opening pressure of 0.29psi (0.02bar).

We can provide a black or red plug where a secondary seal is required, for example in life raft applications, however when the plug is in place, the valve does NOT function as a pressure relief valve.

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